Ayurveda  at  Kesavatheeram

   Dedication of Kesavatheeram to the vedic part of Ayurveda is absolute and holistic. Vediramana family believes that it is their divine dharma(duty) to give relief and rays of hope to the diseased and depressed approaching them.

   Ancient Acharyas called Ayurveda as ‘ASHTANGA VEDA’ ie, eight specialized branches of treatment

  •  Kaya chikitsa- General medicine
  •  Koumara bhritya- Pediatrics
  •  Graha chikitsa-Psychatry
  •  Shalalakya tantra-ENT
  •  Shalya tantra-General surgery
  •  Agada tantra-Toxicology
  •  Rasayana chikitsa-Rejuvenation therapy
  •  Vajeekarana chikitsa-Rejuvanation therapy

And the Ayurveda physicians of Vediramana family, are well versed in ‘Ashtanga veda’

   Ayurveda insists that, along with the trio balancing of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, equilibrium in Dhatus, Agni and in the triple Guna (Satwa, Raja, Thama) of mind are essential for perfect health and happiness. Human body functions normally and smoothly only when the above factors are in a state equilibrium. The unbalancing in any of these elements makes the human body sick.

   Basically the diseases appear mainly because of the unbalancing due to wrong life routines and food habits including the pollutions of the living environment, evil feelings like anger, anxiety etc. and they are called the causative factors of a disease.

Diagnosis as per the Ashtanga veda

   Ashtanga vedam says that diagnosis should be very deep and comprehensive seeking its routes in the Tridosha imbalance and its repercussions in other co- related elements like dhatu, agni, mind etc..

   As the true followers of Ashtanga vedam, the diagnosis at Kesavavatheeram follows the three authentic methods of Ayurveda

  •  Darsana Pareeksha: Observation of physical symptoms eg; eyes, tongue, colour of skin, body constitution etc.
  •  Prasna pareeksha: Asking minute level questions to locate the imbalance of each dosha
  •  Sparsana pareeksha: Examination of pulse, palpation, percussion, auscultation etc.

   Again we follow all the steps and stages of diagnosis of each stage for having the deepest possible understanding of the problems, so that every patient is assured the right and the best treatment leading to speedy recovery lasting forever.

Stage 1 : Ashtasthana pareeksha (Having 8 steps of diagnosis.)
  •  Nadi- Examination of pulse
  •  Jihwa- Examination of tounge
  •  Malam- Examination of stool
  •  Moothram- Examination of urine
  •  Shabdam- Examination of voice
  •  sparshanam – Examination of body temperature
  •  Druk- Examination of eye ball
  •  Akriti – Examination of the physique

Stage 2- Dsa vidh pareeksh having another ten steps of diagnosis.
  •  Dooshyam-Diagnosis of seven dhatoos and doshas
  •  Desham- Examination of surroundings
  •  Balam- Examination of strength
  •  Kalam – Examination of season
  •  Analam – Examination of agni
  •  Prakruthi – Examination of body constitution
  •  Vayas – Examination of age
  •  Satwam- Examination mental power
  •  Sathmyam- Examination of compatibility
  •  Aharam- Examination of food habits

   Every patient at Kesavatheeram thus undergoes three methods, two stage and eighteen steps of diagnosis before we start treatment. And our guiding philosophy is to strike at the root before we start the treatment

Treatments as per the Aashtanga veda

   Divine prayer is the prime part of our treatment process. We believe that God is the greatest physician and authority of all the secrets of health. Treatment at Kesavatheeram is true dedication at the lotus feet of Lord Dhanwanthari, the God of Ayurveda. After the diagnosis our doctors pray for his guidance throughout the treatment. It is all his blessing that patients leave the campus with perfect mental peace and comfortable body status

   Kesavatheeram strictly and scientifically follows the two stages of Ashtanga veda treatments

  •  Sodhana chikitsa( purification therapy)
  •  Shamana chikitsa( Alleviating therapy)
Stage 1 - SODHANA CHIKITSA ( Purification Therapy)

   Ashtanga veda insist first to make a purification to the whole body or part of the body as per the need. It is done to remove all the intoxicants from the body and thereby to eliminate the internal causative factors of the disease. Toxins deposited heavily in the various body tissues lead to diseases. In sodhana chikitsa, they are removed mainly by five therapeutic procedures.

  •  Vamana- Emesis therapy of vomiting by oral medicines
  •  Virechana- Purgation therapy by internal medicines.
  •  Nasyam- Nasal medication
  •  Vasthy- Medicated enema therapy
  •  Raktha mokshanam- Removal of impure blood from the body

   Above five therapeutic steps of sodhana chikitsa are called ‘ Pancha karma’ ie, five steps of body purification, and Kesavatheeram is famous for its Panchakarma treatment. Here it is done under the strict super vision and monitoring of our family doctors well-versed in Ashtanga veda.

Stage 2- SHAMANA CHIKITSA (alleviating therapy)

   After purifying the body, we start Shamana chikitsa. Herbal medicines are used both internally and externally to the body functioning and its immune capacity.

   The treatments at Kesavatheeram is managed by own family doctors having vedic tradition. They are well versed in Vedas and Sanskrit. They follow Ashtanga veda in its true spirit in their treatment procedures. People from any nation and of any category can enter the campus of Kesavatheeram with an absolute belief that here they shall get the genuine Ayurvedic treatment in its full perspective.

Our treatment protocols

   Kesavatheeram strictly follows the traditional principles and guidelines of treatments mentioned in the classic Ayurveda Sanskrit texts. It does not support the modern style of spot treatment or off hand treatment by examining the present stage of a disease. Ayurveda has its own strict guidelines to be practiced before starting the treatment.

Pre-guidelines of ayurveda
  •  Fractural evaluation of both the disease and the patient as per the instructions of traditional acharyas
  •  Right assessment of the root cause and the effect of the concerned disease on the particular patient.
  •  Right follow up of the Ayurvedic principles on both human body and the mode of treatment
Medicinal application

   Medicines are recommended and applied at kesavatheeram only as per the above mentioned pre-guidelines of Ayurveda. And that is the secret of high level success score in treating the patients. Along with the medicines and therapies we prepare the patients to follow the traditional bound guidelines in daily routines called ‘pathya’ for easy regaining the trio-balancing of human body which is the secret of permanent cure assured by Ayurveda. Kesavatheeram always updates our patients through right counseling that mere medical application without observing pathya is sheer waste and ineffective. They are made aware of the fact that right medicines and right track of living are equally important.

   Kesavatheeram does not follow the commercial path of Ayurveda. As a hospital managed by a traditional vedic family of north Malabar, we are bound to follow the classic Ayurveda having all its purity and sanctity as envisaged by the traditional Indian acharyas.