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Aditional Facilities

Full-fledged Treatment rooms, Panchakarma rooms, Therapy unit, Yoga and Meditation room, Conference hall etc.

Authentic Treatment for various kinds of diseases

OP Consultation on all days

Panel of eminent doctors including Three family doctors from the Family of Vediramana lineage.

Absolutely pollution free campus with clean and cool flow of remote village air

Herbal garden having more than 1000 species of medicinal plants

High-tech farming area for cultivating vegetables needed for Hospital, Canteen using only natural manures

Own Gosala for assuring pure milk and milk products for the patients

Vedic Land of Ayurveda

Kerala 670309

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The hospital campus is more than 10 acres with different kinds of medicinal trees and herbs. It is surrounded by the charm of green topped high land having the beautiful and the breathtaking sceneries of perumba river based backwaters with full greenery of kandal forests.