Our   Services

Homely atmospher and friendly treat backed up with the service of well trained and friendly loveble staffs,definitely leave an everlasting impression in the mind of all people living the campus after the treatments

Services and Personal Care
  • OP Consultation and speciality clinics on all days.

  • Herbal garden having more than 500 species of medicinal plants.

  • Full-fledged Treatment rooms, Panchakarma rooms, yoga and Meditation room etc.

  • High-tech farming area for cultivating vegetables needed for Hospital.

  • Own Gosala for assuring pure milk and milk products for the patients.

  • Library

  • Pharmacy

  • Canteen

Wellness Programmes

Special Body Care and Wellness Programmes available at Kesavatheeram.

  •  Rasayana Chikitsa- Rejuvenating therapy
  •  Kayakalpa chikitsa- Body Immunization and Longevity Therapy
  •  Slimming programme for Fatty and Obese people
  •  Spine and Neck care Programme
  •  Stress management Programme
  •  Dhoopana and Tharpana for cleaning ears and eyes / strengthening optical nerves
  •  General massage of the whole body
  •  Medicated steam bath, and many more specialties awaits you at Kesavatheeram