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Vedic Land of Ayurveda

As an evergreen ‘Gift of God’, Ayurveda attained its full richness in Kerala, the ‘Gods own country’. In this blessed land, there is a beautiful, serenic shore of love and care with perfect environment for this ancient practice, ‘Kesava-theeram’ the premium Ayurveda hospital nestled in the greenery belt of north Malabar. Here the Vedic tradition merges with the scientific authenticity of Ayurveda.


‘Glory of Ayurveda lies in the basic concept of “well being to all on earth”. As such the basic vision of Kesavatheeram is to ensure the most authentic Ayurvedic treatment with cent percent perfection and care to all desires.

A new era in traditional health care is our goal. An ayurvedic treatment centre having the original charm and beauty of a very peaceful ayurvedic village is the typical feature of kesavatheeram. Atmosphere of kesavatheeram provides a naturally healing effect assuring the perfect relief to the patients in every sense. After the treatment they truly feel a very soothing and cooling effect to both body and mind.

We believe in the motto “Healthy people are the real wealth of a nation”. Serving a patient, therefore, means a true service to humanity and nation. Our vision is, therefore, comprehensive health care, of the entire society, comprising prevention, permanent and perfect relief to all. In addition to Ayurvedic treatment, the activities of Kesavatheeram includes:-

  • Preservation of nature
  • Conservation of herbal plants
  • Free medical aids to deserving groups
  • Health tourism promotion
  • Learning and performing centre for the traditional kerala arts and folks etc.


As a hospital having Vedic family setup, Kesavatheeram is committed to preserve and practice the originally traditional methods of diagnosis and treatment in its true Vedic spirit with the aim of promoting the noble cause of a healthy disease free society. It has undertaken the great mission of providing excellent treatment and care assuring the highest degree of patient’s satisfaction. Our approach is holistic in human health and disease management having a divine signature and hereditary touch.

Vedic Land of Ayurveda

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The hospital campus is more than 10 acres with different kinds of medicinal trees and herbs. It is surrounded by the charm of green topped high land having the beautiful and the breathtaking sceneries of perumba river based backwaters with full greenery of kandal forests.